Founder’s Day Report

Report courtesy of Tom L:

Footer on Founder’s Day is an event that is looked forward to by many Bradbeians. A wonderful batch of pre-match bacon sandwiches was provided by Matron and Mrs. Earl which drew the attention of a few boys stumbling in after an invigorating Chapel service.
Although it looked like they would be short of a few men a few late stragglers turned up at the last minute to represent the Old Bradbeians and, with a strong side of OHs, it looked like the match would be a close one. Two old boys wearing shirts from the illegal game struck fear into some of our own side but nevertheless we were all ready to go. One of our own players also decided to play for the old boys as they were low on numbers. Thank you to Bobby C for willingly deciding to play for the old boys.
The game started with a clear friendly rivalry and the Old Bradbeians secured an impressive goal off a clean yard. This did not put the boys down and after an impressive turtle manoeuvre from the old boys we broke through and gave yards to Ollie W. The base was in sight and Ollie kicked the ball straight over the sweeper and through the posts. 1-1.

The second half of the game started well but the OHs got a yard very close to the posts. After three courageous leaps the kicker ended up through the posts and secured another base for the old boys. Once again the OHs decided to use a turtle to retrieve some lost energy and the present Bradbeians were thrown off guard by this new move that had not been done so well by anyone that we had seen before. In the final few plays of the game we broke through the defence of the OHs and Will L scored a wonderful base that ruined any chances of an OH victory. The OHs put up a strong defence and attacked with courage and humility but the boys were able to withstand this and come out with a well deserved tie. We hope to see these the Old Bradbeians again next year after such a great game.

House Music Success

Well done to the boys for the most successful House Instrumental competition results for Bradbys in recent memory. Francis B won the House Solo competition for his wonderful playing of the bassoon and Francis B, Simon L and Jobie W performed a very entertaining piano trio to finish second in the House Small Ensemble. The Large Ensemble also played well in Speech Room.

Glees and XIIs

Well done to the boys for some excellent singing and especially to Jobie W for organising and leading the House. Francis B was also praised by the adjudicator for his superb part in the Glee. Videos of the performances can be found on the school firefly site here.

House Rugby Update

We didn’t do quite as well as in previous years due to some unlucky injuries and a not too favourable draw. The Yearlings and Torpids teams made the quarter-finals and the House the semi-finals, with both the Torpids and House teams losing to the eventual winners.

There was, however, great news for Ozzie C with the award of his Rugby Lions for his superb service to rugby at the school. Ozzie, Ben C and Scott MacN were members of the 1st XV squad that had a magnificent unbeaten season too.

Super 9s Runners-Up

A new and interesting touch rugby competition was played for the first time, with three boys from each year group in the squad and with at least one boy from each year on the pitch at the same time. We played a superb and exciting brand of rugby, ultimately losing in the final to Rendalls. Great fun was had by all.IMG_2423